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I am not leaving my dream, just expanded it bigger B-)


Study soon or postpone it

OK, I just talked with someone about my career and my study  (maybe). He told me that in Private sector education is not the very first important thing. The important thing is opportunity. He told me some stories about his friends who has PhD title but not really have great position in their job. He told me if I want to get higher education and then back to private sector, the path is wrong, but if I want to work in governmental, higher education is a must.

It was confusing, you know, I didn't tell him that the only career I want is in NGO especially UNICEF. I has been my dream since I was in college. And I want to be Minister of Environment in the very end of my career. He didn't tell me to not chasing master degree, he understands that I am young and love studying. He just give another opinion. Because in Indonesia, hard to find a perfect position as your title, different in any other developed countries.

I have ever read many jobs in other countries, they don't find workers who has high education, but they find someone with many (years of) experiences. He told me to be patient with the path I am walking now, that I am a pillar in the company. Without pillars, a building can not be solid.

But again I have told him that I really want to study in German. He still understand it and he told me to really chase it but give the very best of me until the time come.

4 'e's that important in career (as he told me)

So.....the parameters long or close you are to your dreams are depend on yourself